Weekly Creative Writing #18

My eyes close and I wonder, if you set all the words that have ever been spoken, if there would be more good than bad.  Or if all the deeds done well outnumber the deeds done in evil.  But most of all, I marvel at the universe.  Billions of frozen and burning spheres... mind-boggling views scattered throughout a vast plain of nothing... more nothing than we can even begin to fathom... views that we will never see.  All over the galaxy, there are burning sunsets and unforgettable sunrises that yearn for eyes to see them, but never get a chance to show their splendor to anyone.  But that doesn’t stop them from practicing the dress rehearsal, every morning and evening, as they have since the beginning.  They’ve practiced a long time now, and their act has been perfected for countless years, but they play for an empty stadium of the heavens.  

And as time passes there, so too it passes here, in the very spot where I am.  Tiny on a vast planet.  Tiny planet in a vast galaxy.  Tiny galaxy in a vast universe... and beyond that... who can say?  So much has been said about it, so much has been thought about it, but thoughts churn inside me when the image of distant pale skies and great, crater-swept landscapes cross the screen of my mind.  Thoughts that are half-formed, prematurely beating down the doors of my mind to escape into the open.  There is so much to be said about the vaulting halls of this... this space... we call home.  But ah, I’ve confused the universe outside for the universe within, I think, because I’m not there, I’m merely inside my mind... like a small planetarium, pantomiming the great, wild, unpredictable real thing.  But what can I say, as I fly through the universe as it is inside my mind?  It’s just a passing place, not to be described but to be seen as I speed through it, on my way to my final destination.  “Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letter box / they tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe.”  And then the darkness I’ve been rushing towards swallows me up, and I fall asleep.

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