"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost" - Marrion C. Garretty

You can tell who she is by the way she walks into a room.  Her quietness or precisely the opposite.  Calmness or excitement.  Without seeing her, I’d know that laugh anywhere, or the particular phrasings she uses.  She is such that her presence lets you know that she would do anything, give anything, for you.  A glass of water on a hot summer’s day, unrequested, out of the blue... a blanket as you sit quietly by the fire, unasked for but more than appreciated.  Kindness is where she is - though she may try to hide it sometimes - and it will never leave.  Sometimes, it’s just silent little moments, perhaps on a parkbench with the warmth of the beach sun spreading across my arms.  Somehow siblings connect with each other in an ineffable way that few others can - and that can have its joys and its sorrows all at the same time - but in the summer sun, perhaps it’s just happiness to be together, and it’s a happiness that I can read from just being there.  Without a word, without any sort of conversation.  Just being.  The funniest thing is that if I didn’t know what she looked like, if I didn’t know her by sight, I wouldn’t know her any less or love her any less than I do.  (Perhaps I’d be less protective out of ignorance, if anything!)  Because completely aside from being beautiful outside, she’s beautiful in the deepest of ways.  In her soul.  Kindness is with her, and it will never leave.

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Olivia Rory Brown  – (October 23, 2013 at 9:46 AM)  

You're welcome, I made you chocolate chip pancakes and then you throw things that I sent to you directly into the trash without looking at them because you're mad at me for no reason. You're the best. I'm going to make it into a song.

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